I'm a programmer, designer, entrepreneur and bioinformatician. I'm also a blogger, esports enthuiast, Sri Lankan, and a bunch of other things. I enjoy writing software, designing products, and exploring new ideas and knowledge.

My background is in Bioinformatics and creating software products. I studied a combination of computer science, data science and genetics leading to a Honors Specialization in Bioinformatics from Western University in 2019. That same year, I founded Clew: a startup funded by Y Combinator (S20) and Garage Capital to build meaningfully better tools for collaborative work. Clew was acquired by Dropbox in 2022.

I use this website to share my ideas, notes and research on things I'm working on – mostly in the realms of technology, product and software design, and education.


The thing about interviews, especially for young people, is that they capture a slice of you as a person, in a specific manner and moment. But, I'm continually growing, doing different things and evolving my ideas. Interviews are an excellent way to look back, almost like some mile markers leading up to who I am today.

Worked at/for

I've made a career out of designing and building products. Here are some organizations I've done work for:

  • Shopify Inc.
  • Stanford University
  • Technology for Humankind, LLC.
  • Propel Western Entrepreneurship (Western University)
  • University Students' Council at Western University
  • The Ontario Liberal Party (Data-science work, no political affiliation.)
  • Candor USA Inc.
  • Aura Eco Power PVT LTD.