Hi! My name's Udara Jayawardena! I usually shorten that to just Jay.
I write code, design things and dabble in bioinformatics.

I'm a self-taught designer–developer hybrid with a institutional background in genomics and computer science. I founded a company (Tidl Inc.) in 2016 that built, Alcamy, an open self-learning platform which was acquired Parsegon Inc. in 2018. When I was 14 I founded and ran a design magazine for the better part of five year; to this day it's one of my most cherished creations. I've also worked for organizations like Shopify (web engineering), The Ontario Liberal Party (data-science), and Western University.

I'm currently working on something new at Clew and completing the final year of my Honors Specialization in Bioinformatics at UWO.

You can get in touch with me at me@[the domain of this site (udara.io)] for just about anything.

Here're some of my key accomplishments:

Work done at Tidl Inc. – The company I founded with the goal of building a new type of resume and hiring tool.

Building Alcamy - Designing, developing and growing an open learning platform used by over 8000 students and teachers around the world. Acquired by Parsegon Inc. in 2018.

Dip for learning - Building and Launching an iOS & Android App + Backend API in 3 days.

Find me around the web:

LinkedIn - Doubles as an up-to-date resume.

GitHub - To see my contributions and opensource work.

Dribbble - Design & UX portfolio.

Medium - Some of my most popular writing.

Companies and organization I've worked with and/or consulted for:

Stanford University
Technology for Humankind, LLC.
Candor USA Inc.
Aura Eco Power PVT LTD.