Udara Jay

Chief Clewniac at Clew.
I write code, design things and dabble in genomics.
Founder & Product at Clew
Clew is a tool that helps teams keep their files and knowledge organized. It's a software as a service application that I'm currenly working on.
Bioinformatics & Computer Science
Most recently I worked on assembling and annotating the mitochondrial genome of H. Lacustris for my thesis. Previously I've worked on data-science projects with the Ontario Liberal Party. I recently graduated with a Honors Specialization in Bioinformatics from Western University (Canada).
A Designer at Heart
Art runs in the family. I founded a print magazine on art and design at age 14; ran it with a distributed team for the better part of four years. My background in design has become an ongoing part of everything I do.
Things I've written
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