Hey, I’m Udara
I'm a programmer, designer and creator. I'm also one of the founders of Clewniacs Inc., a startup building better tools for digital work.

Before Clew, I studied bioinformatics upto a Honors Specialization from Western University. My undergraduate research was on assembling and annotating the mitochondrial genome of H. Lacustris. During this time I was also involved in several data-science and software projects for organizations like the Ontario Liberal Party and Stanford University.

Prior to that, I had founded Designn, a creative collective of over 30 artists and writers who went on to publish a magazine and pursue creative endavours for the better part of five years alongside a subscribed community of thousands of readers, members and contributors. To this day it's one of my most cherished creations.

I write about the things I'm learning right now and share interesting projects I come across on here. I'm drawn towards most things software, science, design, and cybersecurity. I also tweet about these things at @devUdara.
Things I've written
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