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Applied Machine Learning: The Less Confusing Guide

Note: I recently migrated my website  and some media broke in the process; if you’d like to learn using this article I recommend using the full version at: https://alcamy.org/library/applied-machine-learning. For the past two years or so I’ve had an on-again, off-again fascination with machine learning. As with most things you learn, I’ve had to constantly re-learn […]

Big Data Technologies and Management

This post started off as a research review, but half way through proofing it I decided to turn it into a more opinionated post about the current state of big data and the range of technologies available to solve big data problems with. Most of my writing assume little to no knowledge about the topic […]

What the heck is Ethereum, and how to invest in it?

If you’re here then you’ve probably heard some combination of the words Blockchain, Ether, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum and decentralized apps over the last few months. Let’s break those down to really understand what Ethereum is, how it’s different from other cryptocurrencies and how you can invest in it!Cryptocurrencies have been taking off this year. A number […]

Your Right to Privacy vs. Innovation

There are many arguments for and against your right to privacy. Made by everyone from governments to corporations and private citizens. I only care to reiterate one of these points: once you give it up you’re never getting it back. To be clear this is not a post arguing for or against your right to […]

Growing up on DeviantArt

I grew up on DeviantArt, an online community of artists and art enthusiasts. Now that might be a strange statement right there, but it’s true. I’m not talking about spending countless hours on an art website, mindlessly clicking around. But a fulfilling experience of growing up around artists and creators; millions of them in fact. […]

Is Life Just One Big Computer Simulation?

The experience on a virtual reality headset is downright mind-blowing, and it’s also soon after that you seriously question the possibility of life being one big computer simulation. Given the logically compelling arguments, it really isn’t too much of a bat-crap crazy concept to think that the reality we experience is being simulated on a computer. Computers have been getting fast […]

We wanted flying cars, we got 140 characters

Right from the beginning, we’ve been a strange species of animals. In a hunt or be hunted climate we built shelters to hide in, swords to fight and fires for warmth. Survivors evolved. We stopped running, settled down to farm instead. Building communities, and walls around them for protection. Communities grew to create civilizations, eventually […]