A few books recommendations.

Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli. / I picked it up after hearing Naval recommending it as “Best book I’ve read in the last year. Physics, poetry, philosophy and history packaged in a very accessible form”.I can say the same.

Antifragile @nntaleb / Adapting more antifragile traits to thrive in an uncertain and chaotic world. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better… because they build extra capacity under stress. (Every plane crash makes the next less likely).

The Art of Learning / The science of becoming a top performer, nurturing the right mindset, proper practice and habit forming. Why losing comes before winning. Performing in spite of distractions (getting to the soft zone). A great glimpse into the world of high-performers.

The Retail Revival @RetailProphet / Yet to read this, but it came highly recommended.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things @bhorowitz / Essential read for founders. Key takeaway; take care of the people, the products and the profits - in that order.

The Culture Code @DanielCoyle / Examines the dynamics of all sorts of teams, helping you understand how great teams work. “Vulnerability doesn’t come after trust - it precedes it”. Had this handed to me one morning by @fabien_mouvet when I interned for his team

Crucial Conversations / A deeply researched model for having crucial conversations that result in significant shifts in attitude and behavior. 1/ Start with the heart 2/ Don’t get hooked by emotion 3/ Agree on a clear action plan (incomplete - read the book)

Good to Great / A management book on transitioning from good to great companies. 1/ Finding your Hedgehog concept and why great companies have one (look it up) 2/ Put the best people on the biggest opportunities, not the biggest problems. 3/ Confront brutal facts head-on.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck@IAmMarkManson / A counter-intuitive approach to living a good life. One reason it’s a good read: Improve yourself before you try to improve the world? (paraphrasing @naval)

Work Rules / A manifesto of sorts; leadership advice from inside Google. Insanely insightful, but may not be highly applicable to early founders.

Sapiens / Not necessarily a startup read but learning about how we came to be as humans is never a bad thing. It’s a thorough account of how the archaic human species evolved from the stone age up to the twenty-first century.

The Box / Saw @tobi had recommended this @Shopify, promptly borrowed a copy from their bookshelf. A detailed account of the shipping container and how it changed the world.

10% Happier @danbharris / I tend to shy away from self-help books, but a friend recommended this so maybe I’ll give it a read someday soon. Maybe someone can convince me?

Radical Candor @kimballscott / I remember reading this in coffee shops around Toronto and deeply connecting with most of the principles. 1/ balancing constructive criticism w/ being helpful, and not mean  2/ care about but also challenge them to do the best work possible.

The Design of Everyday Things / If you’re a designer or are anywhere near building things that people use; READ THIS BOOK FIRST! Have you ever pushed a door that ended up requiring a pull to open? They probably never read this book.

The courage to be disliked / A beautifully written dialogue based on adlerian psychology. Picked it up after hearing @tobi recommending on @tferriss. I rarely like a book enough to finish it in one sitting. 10/10.