As an avoid self-learner 2017 I saw that I spent a lot of time scouring the internet in search of the best free resources to learn things with. This became the fundamental idea behind creating a service that empowered the magical process of education, creation, and transformation for thousands around the world.

50K+ lines of codeOver 80 screens designed and developed
Used by over 8000 users from around the world
Nominated for best consumer product of the year by ProductHunt
Featured on the ProductHunt's homepage with over 1500 upvotes

Rapidly executed with beautiful craft.

One would usually assume that beautiful craft and rapid execution were two inherently opposite things to try and aim for. But coming from a background in design I'm usually able to build user interfaces and experiences on the fly as I developed the core platform.

The first version of Alcamy took about a month to develop in it's entirety and the only time I used a design tool was to create the logo and a few icons.

Being a hybrid designer-developer for the past 6 years afforded me valuable insight  and freedom when it came to building an amazingly well designed products on a short timeline.