A living list of blunt principles, intuitions and thoughts on product design and startups. This is mostly for myself, but have at it. Tweet me your thoughts @devUdara.

  • Sometimes you need to double down on your intuition. If you really want to build something that changes the way things are done, you stay ahead of the curve by leveraging intuition-based design. Need to improve your intuition? Become a keen observer of people. Consume (knowledge, interactions, ideas, and feedback) by the bucket.
  • Keep the business-side simple. Build something that generates so much value that a group of people are willing to pay for it. Everything else follows that. Many businesses get so wrapped up in the “business” of it all that they forget the foundation.
  • The bar for excellent product design is at an all-time high. The few widely adopted breakout startups (you know which) have raised the bar for pixel perfect, personalized experiences. Consumers have developed a fifth-sense for great solutions. Most aren’t willing to pay for “good enough” these days; mostly because there’s always someone around the corner who’ll decide to do it better.
  • If there’s contention about a decision, have everyone write down their perspective. It helps cut through the clutter and understand precisely where everyone’s coming from. Lack of context leads to a lot of friction.
  • Be less reactionary. Stay laser-focused on your roadmap. Adjust it only if you get concrete feedback that an assumption you made is wrong. Changing something anytime someone complains is like standing in quicksand. It can sink you.
  • Building anything worth putting your name on takes time and dedication, at most times you’re going to feel out of your depth. Uncomfortable. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” When the problems you’re solving get hard, when you need to write code to release features that needed to go out yesterday–keep going.
  • A reminder: Don’t burnout. Creative people need to stay juiced up. Take the breaks you need — a few days of doing nothing is far better than uninspired, mediocre work.