Welcome to my experimental microblog
I use it to collect short-form notes, snippets and media.
AI Intro

Got this AI client to initiate conversations based on stuff I'm doing and it's quickly becoming a decent presence. It accesses data like temperature in the room, weather and past conversations for additional context via an API, entirely locally.

Realtime context for AI

Connected some local IoT devices to my AI client for real-time context. Also learned that the Awair can host its own local API for sensor data.

ai iot

AI Chat Client

Made this custom chat client for multiplayer chat with hosted and local generative models like ChatGPT, GPT4all and Dalle. 💬

Alternate reactions

Experimenting my way towards a new reaction system. Hoping for something that captures sentiment across a small range and having the distribution be obvious.

UNMS design

Trying out a new aesthetic for my monolith of a project. Exactly what it's for– tbd.

Live feed

Experimenting with something today– A live window of sorts into my workspace as the background of the homepage, let me know what you think or say hi on twitter. 👋

If you're curious how it works: I'm using a programmable chip (esp32) with a camera module that sends images to a Go microservice that handles sending the feed to this website. The front-end fades-in new frames as they are received to re-create the live feed.

Procedural game worlds

Experimenting with using perlin-noise to procedurally generate a 2D map to learn about game engines. This was on Phaser, but I've been diving into SDL and OpenGL to make a C++ game engine for a top down game like Rim World.

procedural generation

Meow Wolf

I had the opportunity to see the Convergence Station exhibit by Meow Wolf, it’s a four-story, immersive exhibit that brings to life four alien worlds. The sheer scale and creativity is breath taking, you could spend a whole day walking around and you’d still miss things. I highly recommend a visit, it's an experience to remember!


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