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Making something with the goal of helping me cut the time and effort it takes to understand research papers by half.



Finding the right level of abstraction is akin to finding the right tool for the job when it comes to navigating new ideas or problems.


Finished a rewrite of my analytics server in rust and the whole thing runs on less than 10MB memory now.

Exploring learning & AI

Had a blast building a mobile app for learning with AI. A tree of knowledge is generated for you by AI and expanded as your explore by continuously diving deeper– allowing you to go as deep as you want, in any way that makes sense to you.


Good to be making videos again 🎬

F1 lightbox

Made a display for a 1:43 scale model of an F1 RB16B. It uses a 64x32 RGB LED Matrix that goes through some track-like effects. Hoping to add some team signage and maybe display some stats on the display as well.


It’s very important to have goals, and very specific goals. Always have goals, because to have goals you have to figure out what you want.

Pile beta launch

Decided to share the beta for Pile a little ahead of schedule. You can download it today for macOS. Learn more.

pile launch

Branding 00X

Always great fun to play around with brand marks– but oh the number of duck silhouettes I had to go through to settle on this. I wanted to create a mark that's recognizable yet a little different from your average duck silhouette.

Bad ideas

One way to avoid bad ideas in anything is to look for places where you’re stacking one too many assumptions to arrive at a conclusion.

Bees 🐝

Getting a closer look at the bees in the garden. We moved them into a pot from a letter box many years ago and the hive's been going strong. They are also surprisingly friendly as long as you approach calmly.

Ola-leaf books

Awed reading some of my great-grandfather's ayurvedic papyrus texts while I'm home. This is two of 400+ texts from the family dating back to 1848 donated to the university for research. This one specifically covers all things oils– the names don't translate so well, but the beauty one roughly translates to "ointment of the goddesses."

Pile timeline

Added this scrubbable timeline for my journaling app: Pile. Was a perfect use-case for the Interscetion Observer API to make it work as you scroll.

Personal logger

The lifestyle logger in my personal toolkit. Was pleasntly surprised how much this resonated with people.

AI Intro

Got this AI client to initiate conversations based on stuff I'm doing and it's quickly becoming a decent presence. It accesses data like temperature in the room, weather and past conversations for additional context via an API, entirely locally.

WebGL Shaders

Playing around with WebGL shaders using Three.js. This one is made by augmenting a sin wave and some noise. I've shared the code if you want to play around with it yourself.

Realtime context for AI

Connected some local IoT devices to my AI client for real-time context. Also learned that the Awair can host its own local API for sensor data.

ai iot

AI Chat Client

Made this custom chat client for multiplayer chat with hosted and local generative models like ChatGPT, GPT4all and Dalle. 💬

Abstraction ceiling

A lot of mental models are massive simplifications of complexity

Alternate reactions

Experimenting my way towards a new reaction system. Hoping for something that captures sentiment across a small range and having the distribution be obvious.

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