Experimenting with something today– A live window of sorts into my workspace as the background of the homepage, let me know what you think or say hi on twitter. 👋

If you're curious how it works: I'm using a programmable chip (esp32) with a camera module that sends images to a Go microservice that handles sending the feed to this website. The front-end fades-in new frames as they are received to re-create the live feed.

Hoping to point it at my workspace every now and then, but mostly keep it pointed at something a little more lively like a 3D printer.

Procedural game worlds 5 months ago

Experimenting with using perlin-noise to procedurally generate a 2D map to learn about game engines. This was on Phaser, but I've been diving into SDL and OpenGL to make a C++ game engine for a top down game like Rim World.

procedural generation

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