In 2019 I decided to give out microgrants a couple times a year to fund experiments and projects by young creators. When I first got started as a creator in highschool, I benifited greatly from small commissions and grant programs. I'm hoping to pay it forward and catalyze some creativity along the way with this program.

The details

  • $500 - $1K no-strings-attached grants to encourage young creators to build or launch a project.

  • Grants are dispersed sporadically with an attempt at making a couple every year. It really depends on when I have funds available. Feel free to drop in an application whenever and I'll consider you when I have funds available.

  • Feel free to reach out to me via twitter or email if you're interested. I only ask that you include a small description of what you're hoping to accomplish with the grant for my own record-keeping.


  • 2023 UltraRice: To kickstart experimentation
  • 2022 Buildergroop: Group grant to help make tech and entrepreneurship more accessible to young youth.
  • 2022 Azure: For launching, newsletter for Gen-z.
  • 2019 Bereket: Personal grant for multiple projects.