I’ve wanted to experiment with non fungible tokens (NFTs) for a while now, but couldn’t find something appropriate to mint one out of until I found this pixel-art emoji I had created almost 11 years ago; also as an experiment to learn about creating pixel-art emojis.

So, in the spirit of learning, here it is minted into an NFT titled ’lovesick‘:

lovesick preview

See it on OpenSea

Token ID: 60358522773204759397120954703137236758622011690295133896292460377851094368257

Ethereum Contract address: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e

Metadata: ipfs.io

Once I dipped my toe in the water with lovesick, I decided to turn another one of my cherished pieces into an NFT too.

I’m yet to figure out exactly why but the idea of turning my own art into NFTs is appealing to me, but I think it’s an important outlet for digital art and digital good in general. It gives digital creators a verifiable way to put a signature on their work and represent it uniquely.

NFT titled *****

View it on Rarible

Token ID: 1321873

Ethereum Contract address: 0x60F80121C31A0d46B5279700f9DF786054aa5eE5

Metadata: ipfs.io

This is my favourite pixel-art piece ever, in large part because of how long it took to get that hair just right!