A living list of predictions, mostly startup ideas, and some other things to come. Sorted in ascending order of when I recorded them.

New email

Jan 25, 2020: The technical underpinnings of email are hugely out-dated. Its wide adoption makes it really hard to replace, and we’re still focused on using the old protocol to accomplish email magic. But something will eventually have to replace it, a little like how iMessage (by Apple) works around and over SMS when it’s from one Apple device to another.

Notes 10.0

Jan 18, 2020: **Someone will **re-invent notes in the next year. Note-taking is broken. A proper solution would solve for all/most of these cases at once:

  • Taking notes across media; voice, mobile, pc, written highlights on the web.
  • Can parse and make audio and written notes searchable.
  • Ties to calendar, to-do list, journaling.

Notable examples: Google Keep and Nototo.

Decentralized education

Sometime 2017: Education today can be thought of as a one-to-many experience. In the future, it will be many-to-many. Today, one or a few experts (one entity) share their knowledge with many people, whether it’s a university class, online course, essay, or webinar. Outside the context of the internet, this means there are different concentrations of knowledge in different geographical locations around the world, usually centered around prime universities. This also extends to the web (Lambda school vs. vs. vs.).

The many-to-many paradigm for education means that all the experts in a particular topic and the DIY communities around it will contribute to one all-encompassing knowledge-pool on this topic. It will self-filter, organize, and rank content for learners based on many feedback loops.

I tried to build this in university, it was called Alcamy, we sold it, but I hope someone does it better.