As the founder & core developer at the company (Tidl Inc.) I planned, designed and developed an entire web application in the span of 3 months.

•80K+ lines of PHP, HTML, CSS and React JS code written.Designed and developed 31 active screens and 100+ redesigns.Used by 3000+ users.

See the designs on Dribbble.

Tidl Inc. was a part of the IBM Global Entrepreneur program and received credit based funding from their Innovation Lab.

• Received grant based funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence via Western Entrepreneurship.

The Product

Tidl used a trove of information about your experiences, projects, education, colleagues, personality and network to build a complete professional profile of who you and what you do.

We used artificial intelligence components such as IBM Watson (a cognitive system) coupled with in-house machine learning algorithms to make our platform intuitive and personalized enough to almost understand who you are through your work. We’ve created a gorgeous interface to present this information to you, those you share it with and potential employers.

Finally, we dab into human psychology to help match your personality with company culture and present you with workplaces you’ll be a perfect fit at. It’s an interesting combination of ideas that hoped to change the way people are hired.

Tidl in action

As a two sided product Tidl’s marketing pages primarily focused on attracting individuals getting them to create their resume on Tidl.

The Tidl resume brought together different portfolios of work into a singe feed that recruiters could make use of. On the other side of the platform we pitched an enterprise-grade tool that could be used to accept a large number of candidates and quickly filter down to the top 10% the company would like to interview.

One of the features I built included a personality matcher that checked for how well a a given candidates personality traits matched that of a department or team they were being hired for.

User Feedback

Tidl is a smart portfolio and resume tool you’ll love – ProductHunt

Love the idea and design! Is this meant to replace the resume? I’d love to ditch my other resume for this.Dallas Elliott – UX designer

Tidl is full of potential and has reimagined the resume into a clean and modern social media platform. Dylan Keefer – Tidl user